Welcome to my waterfowl  & poultry collection!  Although I sell some of my birds just to keep my flock at a reasonable size & help a little with the feed bill, this is certainly a passion and not a business.  I am focused on quality of birds from the finest breeders and not quantity.  I am here to share my experience and encourage others in the hobby.  I would never sacrifice my reputation or run the risk of a bad experience for someone new to the wonderful world of waterfowl just to make a fast buck.  Our goal is to make quality waterfowl , chickens and other poultry an affordable and enjoyable experience.

The 2017 hatching season is well underway.  Hatching chicks weekly and just starting to collect a few domestic waterfowl eggs.  See the Now Available tab for our 2017 price list.

If you use Facebook, like our Keystone Waterfowl & Poultry Farm Page to keep up with what is currently going on and any specials or adult birds offered for sale.

Working on updating more pictures so stay tuned ...

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