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2017 Waterfowl Prices- 

Mallards - $4.00
Runner Ducklings - $7.00
(Expecting first ducklings around April 1st)

Wild waterfowl will be priced later in the season.

Currently no adult waterfowl for sale.
We do not offering shipping but may be able to refer you
 to someone in your area that has what you are needing.
2017 Chick Prices-
2 free chicks (same or less price) with purchase on 10

English Orpingtons-               
    Silver Laced $30
    Chocolate, Chocolate Cuckoo & Mauve $10
    Lavender, Blue & Splash $9
    Black, Red & Red Cuckoo $7 
    Partridge (Standard LF) $8
    Lavender/Self Blue (Bantam) $7
    Blue/Blue (Standard LF) $6
    Black (Bantam) $4
    White crested Blue, Black & Splash $5
    Coronation $6

Chicks range in age from day old to a week and sold straight run (not sexed)

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