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As much as I love raising waterfowl,
I have a few other favorites at the homestead...

I don't know if my neighbors will ever love my peacocks as much as I do but I don't mind the screaming. I currently am only offering the traditional Indian Blue peafowl but they are my favorite color and beautiful additions to your collections.  I added Pied Indian Blues and will hopefully be offering those the summer of 2017.

My peahens usually lay in the summer and I will offer a few peachicks each year but do not raise a large number of them.

Bantam and Large Fowl Chickens...

I started out with a few birds to set some of my hard to hatch duck eggs and then the chicken flock just grew from there.  

Starting to build quite a collection of standard size chickens.  The ducks won't be happy.

Currently in large fowl birds I have pens of:
English Orpingtons (Chocolate, Red, Mauve, Blue, Black, Splash, Chocolate Cuckoo, Silver Lace, Red Cuckoo & Lavender and working on Blue Cuckoo)
Coronation Sussex
Black, Blue & Partridge Cochins 
White Crested Polish (Blue, Black & Splash)

Self Blue (Lavender) Cochins 
Self Blue (Lavender) Silkies
Also, occasionally have Black (split to Lavender) in both cochins & silkies

Black Cochin Hen (Large Fowl)
Chocolate Cuckoo Orpington Rooster
Chocolate & Black English Orpington Hens
Splash Orpington Hen
Black Cochin Rooster (Standard)
Silver Laced
Blue & Black 
Polish Hens
Black Bantam
Cochin Rooster
White Crested Blue Polish Rooster
Red & Red Cuckoo English Orps
Lavender English
Orpington Rooster
Chocolate English Orpington Rooster

Lavender English
Orpington Hen
Chocolate English
Orpington Hen
Self Blue (Lavender)
Bantam Cochin Chicks
Black Cochin
Bantam Rooster
Lavender English
Orpington Hen
White Crested
Polish Chicks
Self Blue (Lavender)
Silkie Rooster
Silver Lace English
Orpington Hen
Chocolate Cuckoo
 Orpington Hens
Chocolate English
Orpington Hen
Red Cuckoo English
Orpington Rooster
Mauve English
Orpington Hen
Red English
Orpington Hen
Self Blue (Lavender)
Bantam Cochin Hen