Most all domestic ducks have originated from the wild mallard. The mallard is one of my favorite breeds and I enjoy seeing them flying around my home and land in the pond.  Mallards are also excellent mothers and I usually let many of my females raise duckings each year.

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I have an exceptional collection of runner ducks. I have really focused on making sure that I breed runners that have great confirmation and stand straight & tall.  Runners, also called Indian Runners, look like the comics of the duck world as they look like bowling pins with legs and a bill.  Their long, upright posture and their unusal walk make them a favorite.  They will run together in tight flocks and are great bug catchers.  I sell lots of runners to people that use them to train herding dogs. Runners come in a wide variety of colors.  We cut back on some of our runner colors this year and are focusing on penciled, trout, blue trout, saxony, and brown trout.           

I no longer bred any of the domestic geese and am focusing on the more ornamental and migratory breeds.

Barhead Geese - It seems like I just cannot decide on what geese to keep in my collection. However, one type that will always be included is the Barhead Geese.  These are one of my absolute favorites.  They usually only lay a small clutch plus it takes them 3 to 4 years for them to breed so these exotic geese are normally more costly than most domestic goose breeds.  My barheads usually start laying mid to late April so goslings are usually available in May or June.

Recent Additions
Ruddy Shelducks
Mandarins & Wooducks 
Cackler, Barnacle & Emperor Geese
Australian Black  & Trumpeter Swans 
Chileo Wigeons & Northern Pintails
Rosy Bill  & Red Crested Ponchards
Snow Geese & Red Breasted Geese
Black-Bellied Tree Ducks

Posting pictures  & more details soon!

Momma Mallard 
White Mallard Drake
Trout drake
Black, Blue Trout, Chocolate & Cinnamon
Snow Geese in the Snow

Barhead Geese Pair
Trumpeter Swan
Cackler Goose.
Emperor Goose.
Ruddy Shelduck Pair.
Black Swan
Our waterfowl enjoying the center piece in our front yard. This is one of the main reasons that I am in to waterfowl is that I get to enjoy this pond which is just feet from the front of my house.  I can sit on the couch in my living room and watch the beautiful swans and other exotic geese & ducks swim by.  

Hope you are able to get as much enjoyment out of keeping waterfowl as we do.
Nene Geese
Red Crested Pochard Pair
Black Bellied
Whistling Ducks
Mandarin Duck Pair